Name Qualification Designation DOJ Experience After PG Pharmacy
Council Reg No
Dr S. Jasemine M Pharm,Ph.D Prof & Principal --- 16 Years 3M 4009/A1 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr. Roopesh P.T M Pharm Asso. Prof 12.01.2012 12 Years 2825 (KSPC) Department of Pharmaceutics
Mrs. Rakhi Mol K.H M Pharm Asst. Prof 17.11.2014 5 Years 35253(KSPC) Department of Pharmaceutics
Mrs. Sreesha.EM M Pharm Lecturer 16.06.2016 3 Yrs 5M 47530(KSPC) Department of Pharmaceutics
Mrs. Sindhu K.K M Pharm Lecturer 04.10.2016 3 Years 50300(KSPC) Department of Pharmaceutics
Mrs. Aswani V.M M Pharm Lecturer 31.12.2019 3 Years 47563(KSPC) Department of Pharmaceutics
Mr. Saurabh Saxena M Pharm Asst. Prof 03.10.2019 5 Years 037245(APPC) Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs. Shadiha Saheed.K M Pharm Lecturer 21.01.2019 1 Years 57681 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mrs. Sumayya K.K M Pharm Lecturer 18.12.2019 2 Yrs.6M 38955 Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mr. Abdul Rasheed M Pharm Asst. Prof 27.11.2019 5 Years 330/A1(PPC) Department of Pharmacology
Mrs. Krishnendhu T.S Pharm D Asst. Prof 14.07.2017 2 Yr 4M 55980(KSPC) Department of Pharmacology
Mrs. Vismaya Babu K.K M Pharm Asst. Prof 21.11.2018 1 Year 57307 Department of Pharmacology
Mrs. Aparna.P M Pharm Lecture 03.04.2017 2.Yr 7 M 454AI(PPC) Department of Pharmacognosy
Ms. Amrutha.K M Pharm Lecture 26.11.2019 --- 62784(KSPC) Department of Pharmacognosy
Mr. Alex MA, Bed Asso.Prof 27.06.2011 11 Years --- Department of Mathematics & CommunicaticeEnglish
Mr. Akhil M.Tech Asst.Prof 26.11.2017 3 Years --- Department of Mathematics & CommunicaticeEnglishy
Mr. Gireeshan K.K MBA Asso.Prof 12.01.2012 7 Years --- Department of Mathematics & CommunicaticeEnglish

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